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Rising from Obsolescence: Charting a New Course for ERP Success

Receiving notification that your ERP system - the software on which your business hangs everything - has reached end of life generally would strike fear into the hearts of management. (If it doesn't, it should!).

This happened recently for many Sage customers when they announced the end of life of Sage Manufacturing. While a replacement system may be available from the same vendor it should not be a foregone conclusion that you implement it, as it is likely to require the same effort to implement any system and won't necessarily deliver the same functionality that you had before.

In this white paper you will learn:

  • The data illusion, and why many companies mistakenly think that it will be easier to stick with the same vendor
  • The opportunities that moving MRP/ERP systems might create
  • Evaluating new MRP/ERP systems
  • Removing the risk traditionally associated with implementing a new MRP/ERP system

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